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Going on vacation? Upcoming business trip? Need someone to walk your pets so you can do lunch with the girls? 

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Pet Sitting & Dog Walking

Pet Sitting Services

Taking care of dogs, cats, birds, and all creatures big and small in the Cedar Rapids, Marion, Robins, Toddville, and Hiawatha areas.

For pet visits in Center Point, Ely, Fairfax, and Swisher we will need to add additional charges for mileage and gas.

Pet Care at Home

Stress free pets and owners!

Since 2011 we have served over 200 human clients and their 400 cats,  dogs, guinea pigs, chickens, birds, sheep, and even horses!  Our in-home pet-sitting service provides a safe, reliable alternative to kenneling and protects both you and your pets from the stress of traveling together.  Whether  you're planning a long vacation or simply don't want your pet to have to wait to go for a walk, we got you. 

Pet Care Services & Pricing

All services must be paid in advance. Sorry no exceptions.

Client Policies

  Cancellation Policy

· All cancellations must be done 24 hours prior to start of visit. If you cancel late, you will not be credited for the visit(s) in that time frame. 

Late Booking Policy

· If you require a visit within 24 hours (and you’ve already met with staff and have created an account, and we are able to accommodate your request, you will be charged a $5.00 convenience fee. 

Rainy Day Policy

· If we have inclement weather (lightning, storms, snow emergency, temp warnings, etc.), walks will be cancelled and/or midday appointments if we are unable to get to your home. 

· We also do not walk if it is above 90 or below 15 degrees. 

Camera/Security Policy

· For safety and comfort of our sitters, we do ask that you inform us of cameras and security systems.

Communication Policy

· All communication must go through Time to Pet for documentation purposes. We also request that if you are messaging us you do so through Sabrina. 

· Clients receive sitter’s cell phone numbers for emergencies and when quick contact needs to be made.

Payment Policy

· All payments are required at the start of service; no exceptions. 

· You can leave a check (payable to Sabrina Atkinson or Tails & Feathers), cash, or go through the Time to Pet invoice (PayPal).

Notification Policy

· We do ask that you let at least one neighbor know we will be doing visits, so they don’t think anything suspicious is going on.

· We also ask that you inform your vet that you will be gone and that we will be taking care of your little ones. We do this just in case something were to happen and we needed to take your loved one to the doctor. 

Photo Policy

· Please let us know if you would prefer us not to take photos of your pet.

· We occasionally use photos for advertisement purposes.

· We do post photos to the website, Instagram, and Facebook

· We will also send them to you at the end of each visit.

Solo Sitter Policy

· We do ask that you let us know if you are expecting anyone to stop by while we are caring for your little ones. We are insured but your guest is not. This means that we do not enter the home if someone unknown to us is present. 

· If the owner is home, we ask that you let us know prior to visit. We do not typically stop by if you will be home unless you are unable to care for your pet. 

Meet the Sitters




“Cathy Cutler is a long time Cedar Rapids/Marion resident who has taken in five Golden Retrievers as adult rescues. Her current rescue is Chloe a five-year-old funny girl who is nearly blind. Cathy has worked with Chloe on trust issues, weight management and especially training her to voice commands to keep her from missteps. Cathy’s daytime job is with the Iowa DOT as a regional planner for all transportation issues. She also acts as spokesperson for the local DOT office so you may catch her on TV or the radio from time to time. Cathy grew up on a small farm in Iowa and has worked with all types of farm animals – especially horses – in the past. She has been with Tails and Feathers Playcare for a year and a half and enjoys caring for your fur babies.”




“My name is Kyle Armstrong. I am passionate about animals and have dedicated all my time to them. I've spent two summers working as an Animal Exhibit Specialist at Old MacDonald's Farm. I pride myself of my knowledge of and assistance with medical care, diet control, and handling of livestock, reptiles, small animals, and birds. Outside of work, I care for dogs, my 3 cats, and my several other pets. I look forward to expanding spending more time with cute pets and continuing to learn.”




“My name is Tessa Caryl! I have been around animals my whole life and have always loved every kind of animal that I come across. They usually end up loving me just as much. I have two beautiful baby boys of my own, a black lab named Mac and a Boston terrier named Mason. I would do anything for them, and I hope to do the same for other furbabies. My lab is a registered emotional support animal, so I know how much an animal’s love means to someone. I have lots of patience and can take care of those hyper zoomies they get. I look forward to spending time and getting to know your babies through love and play.”


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