Professional Pet Care Services

Professional Pet Care ServicesProfessional Pet Care ServicesProfessional Pet Care Services

Going on vacation? Upcoming business trip? Need someone to walk your pets so you can do lunch with the girls? 

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Pet Sitting & Dog Walking

Pet Sitting Services

Taking care of dogs, cats, birds, and all creatures big and small in the Cedar Rapids, Marion, Robins, Toddville, and Hiawatha areas.

For pet visits in Center Point, Ely, Fairfax, and Swisher we will need to add additional charges for mileage and gas.

Pet Care at Home

Pet Care Services & Pricing

All services must be paid in advance. Sorry no exceptions.

Client Policies

Policies that will go into effect Jan 1st 2020

-We do ask that when you’re making arrangements for visits, that you go through Time to Pet rather than texting. It makes it easier to track appointments. 

-All kitty visits will need to be done daily, no every other day visits

-Sabrina will accompany all sitters and train them for the first visit with your pet. If you’d like to meet sitters prior to your trip, please let me know. This will not be a requirement. All sitters have passed background checks and have gone through the interview process prior to the start of pet sits.

-We  ask that you regularly look over your Time to Pet account to make sure all information is current and relevant. We don’t want to miss anything while you’re away and this is the best way to do so. 

-Please update us on new security systems and cameras 

-We strongly recommend 3 visits per day for all dogs in our care. 

-For pets with care that takes longer than our basic 20-30 minutes there will be an additional fee of $5 per visit. 

-All invoices must be paid in full either at or before our first appointment. No exceptions.

Cancellation Policy

· All cancellations must be done 24 hours prior to start of visit. If you cancel late, you will not be credited for the visit(s) in that time frame. 

Late Booking Policy

· If you require a visit within 24 hours (and you’ve already met with staff and have created an account, and we are able to accommodate your request, you will be charged a $5.00 convenience fee. 

Rainy Day Policy

· If we have inclement weather (lightning, storms, snow emergency, temp warnings, etc.), walks will be cancelled and/or midday appointments if we are unable to get to your home. 

· We also do not walk if it is above 90 or below 15 degrees. 

Camera/Security Policy

· For safety and comfort of our sitters, we do ask that you inform us of cameras and security systems.

Communication Policy

· All communication must go through Time to Pet for documentation purposes. We also request that if you are messaging us you do so through Sabrina. 

· Clients receive sitter’s cell phone numbers for emergencies and when quick contact needs to be made.

Payment Policy

· All payments are required at the start of service; no exceptions. 

· You can leave a check (payable to Sabrina Atkinson or Tails & Feathers), cash, or go through the Time to Pet invoice (PayPal).

-We do not offer refunds but we do credit your account for future visits.

Notification Policy

· We do ask that you let at least one neighbor know we will be doing visits, so they don’t think anything suspicious is going on.

· We also ask that you inform your vet that you will be gone and that we will be taking care of your little ones. We do this just in case something were to happen and we needed to take your loved one to the doctor. 

Photo Policy

· Please let us know if you would prefer us not to take photos of your pet.

· We occasionally use photos for advertisement purposes.

· We do post photos to the website, Instagram, and Facebook

· We will also send them to you at the end of each visit.

Solo Sitter Policy

· We do ask that you let us know if you are expecting anyone to stop by while we are caring for your little ones. We are insured but your guest is not. This means that we do not enter the home if someone unknown to us is present. 

· If the owner is home, we ask that you let us know prior to visit. We do not typically stop by if you will be home unless you are unable to care for your pet. 

Meet the Sitters




Hi! My name is Sabrina and I’m the proprietor of Tails & Feathers Playcare. I grew up with cats, birds, lizards, frogs, scorpions, and the occasional tarantula. My aunt would often take care of friend’s dogs while they were away so technically, I was a pet sitting assistant from a young age.

In 2011, after working several jobs and not finding anything I was passionate about, a friend of the family asked me if I would care for her pups over the Thanksgiving holiday. That was the moment I decided to pursue pet sitting. I chose a name, found the proper insurance, and printed out some flyers. Since then, we’ve grown to care for over 500 animals and over 150 families. We have also built up an amazing team of sitters.

Over the years, as Tails & Feathers grew, we added a few kitties to our family. We started out with our sweet three-legged kitty, Louie, then we added a sister kitty, Marie. After a sudden illness, we lost our Lou at only seven years old, we knew Marie was lonely without him. We decided to foster two small kittens who had been bottle babies through S.A.I.N.Ts Rescue. Within a month of being here, we knew they were a part of our little family. So now we have Marie (our queen), and two defense against the dark arts professors: Alister (our gray, one-eyed guy) and Remus (our little orange fellow).

The Tails & Feathers Team can’t wait to work with you and your family!



Cathy Cutler has been with Tails and Feathers for almost two years. She and Kirby recently adopted a Pekingese puppy from Fur Fun rescue. "This is our first puppy adoption and a new learning curve for us. We're looking forward to raising Bruno and, of course, caring for all my great clients." Cathy has worked for the Iowa Department of Transportation for 30 years as a transportation planner and public information officer.




“My name is Kyle Armstrong. I am passionate about animals and have dedicated all my time to them. I've spent two summers working as an Animal Exhibit Specialist at Old MacDonald's Farm. I pride myself of my knowledge of and assistance with medical care, diet control, and handling of livestock, reptiles, small animals, and birds. Outside of work, I care for dogs, my 3 cats, and my several other pets. I look forward to expanding spending more time with cute pets and continuing to learn.”


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